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About IMC Warsaw

About IMC Warsaw

IMC Warsaw is an initiative aiming to grow Warsaw’s recognition as a place worth visiting. Warsaw is more than a tourist destination. We perceive this city as an extraordinary potential to explore art, history and science – mathematics and humanistic. That is why we encourage people to spend here acitve and developmental time.

Advantages of program


  • Anatomy workshop in the lab
  • Astronomy workshop
  • First aid competition in the field


  • 3D design workshop
  • 3D printing workshop
  • Arduino block programming
  • Visits to production companies
  • Fighting robots event


  • Workshop in Copernicus Science Center
  • Event with exotic animals
  • Workshop in the botanical garden


  • Workshop in the film studio
  • Music production workshop
  • Craft workshop
  • Outdoor game “Warsaw through the lens”
  • Printed art – collage, zine
  • Folk dance classes


  • Mathematics workshop at University of Warsaw
  • Outdoor game “In the world of numbers”
  • Mathematics in nature
  • Math games
  • Bridge tournament

Why we do it

Our mission is to present Warsaw not only from the outside but also from the inside. Warsaw is a place full of art, and inspiration, where life is vibrant all day and all night. We want to show how beautiful Warsaw is and why it is worth a visit.

Our vision

Our goal is to promote warsaw and make it more recognizable in Europe and beyond. We want people to know where Warsaw is and how great it is.

About IMC Warsaw

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The program of IMC Warsaw is available for citizens and visitors. Learn more about our work.

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Do you live abroad and look for inspiration and adventure? Use IMC Warsaw program – travel safe, learn and develop the beautiful city’s secrets.

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Do you live in Warsaw and want to rent out your place? Take a look on the IMC Warsaw program and let us know.