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About IMC Warsaw

IMC Warsaw is an initiative aiming to grow Warsaw’s recognition as a place worth visiting. Warsaw is more than a tourist destination. We perceive this city as an extraordinary potential to explore art, history and science – mathematics and humanistic. That is why we encourage people to spend here acitve and developmental time.

As we strive to create the society of the future, we offer young people a breath of fresh air.

Have fun with learning

Our qualified educational staff will awaken cognitive curiosity as well as motivation for further education in participants.

Meet new people

The exchange is a great chance to meet ambitious young people from various interest groups such as science clubs and student organizations.

Place to stay

Transport and accomodation offer will be adjusted to individual needs of the group. We offer a variety of accommodation facilities with the possibility of obtaining funding for the stay. 

Individual approach

Our program is modular and adjustable to meet the individual needs of the group. Our offer consists of a flexible plan in the range of 5 to 14 days with five modules in different interest fields.

Why you should join our adventure?

About Warsaw

Warsaw is an unusual place in Central Europe with a colorful history and extraordinary landscapes. In our eyes, it has an extraordinary potential to discover art, history, and the humanities and mathematics. That is why we encourage you to spend time actively in Warsaw.

About IMC Warsaw

Consult with us

Are you planning a trip to Warsaw, do you want to bring a large group of students or friends? Contact us we’ll help you with organising it.

Discuss the details of your trip
our advisors are waiting for your contact. They will help you arrange the schedule, take care of the details and prepare your trip.

Enjoy your stay in Poland
You’re welcome. Visit, learn and discover with the IMC Warsaw exchange program.

Come to Warsaw

Come to Warsaw and let yourself be amazed by the multitude of possibilities. Discover new places, learn and get inspired take a deep breath, and feel the Polish climate.